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DWI Defense

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Defense of DWI Arrests in MinnesotaJohn Delmore

If you have been arrested for Driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Minneapolis, you may be facing a serious criminal charge. Take immediate steps to protect your freedom and your driving privileges. Call an attorney who focuses on DWI defense in Minneapolis. Contact the Delmore Law Office.

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I am John Delmore, a DWI lawyer focusing on Minneapolis DWI laws and DWI arrests. I fight for my client's rights in felony DWI cases and in administrative courts. I represent people charged with any type of DWI offense, from a first offense DWI to repeat DWI offense anywhere in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

If you're facing serious charges for DWI, you could have your driver's license revoked or suspended, your license plate impounded, your vehicle forfeited, and be subject to hefty fines and possible jail time.

If you've been charged with a Minneapolis DWI, I can help. I have 15 years of experience handling Minnesota DWI cases. I will represent you in any DMV administrative hearing as well as in criminal court.

CDL Holders

I represent semi-truck drivers facing disqualification for commercial driver's license (CDL) eligibility for serious and major criminal offenses, such as drunk driving. Drunk driving charges can result in serious consequences, including the following:

  • A first conviction can result in losing your CDL for a year.
  • A first conviction while transporting hazardous materials and you may face disqualification for three years
  • A second conviction and you will be permanently disqualified from holding a commercial license

Your life and your livelihood are on the line if you've been charged with a DWI.

As a Class A license holder you can't get a limited license to drive while your charges are pending. You can lose your job and be unable to support yourself or your family. Serious charges require a serious defense. Don't give up without a fight. Your drug or alcohol test may have been done incorrectly or reported inaccurately.

Contact me, Minneapolis/St. Paul DWI lawyer John Delmore, for immediate legal help. My office is conveniently located near Highway 100 and 394. I make jail visits and can work with out of state clients via phone, fax and email.

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