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John Delmore MINNESOTA DWI and Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer

Fight Your Minneapolis Traffic Violation

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If you're facing a DWI charge in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you could lose your driver's license before you ever get to court. If you have a commercial drivers' license (CDL), a Minneapolis moving violation could prevent you from driving.

Protect your driving privileges, your license, your insurance rates, and your livelihood by seeking immediate legal help. Talk with an experienced Twin Cities traffic attorney today who can help you fight that traffic ticket and save your CDL. Contact the Delmore Law Office to speak to a Minnesota DWI lawyer.

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I am Twin Cities DWI lawyer John Delmore and I represent professional drivers and ordinary people who are facing charges after a DWI arrest in Minnesota, loss of a drivers license, or increased insurance premiums due to Minneapolis speeding tickets or other traffic violations.

I have been helping people protect their driving record and avoid unnecessary fines and higher insurance costs since 1994.

First Time and Repeat Offenders: I defend first time and repeat offenders on DWI charges and Minneapolis traffic violations including:

  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving without insurance
  • Minnesota speeding tickets and other moving violations
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • School bus stop arm violations
  • Juvenile traffic offenses

Travelers and Vacationers: I represent people who were traveling through Minnesota and received a ticket for a moving violation or were arrested for DWI.

Professional Drivers: I represent professional drivers-interstate truck drivers, taxi drivers, limo drivers, courier drivers, and any other individual who holds a commercial driver's license for whom a traffic offense, Minneapolis speeding ticket, or a DWI charge can result in the end of a career. I have extensive knowledge of federal trucking regulations and represent interstate truck drivers and CDL holders in violation of trucking regulations.

Avoid Coming Back to Town

I can represent your case anywhere in the Twin Cities area and anywhere in Minnesota. Often you can completely avoid a court appearance. My office is conveniently located near Highway 100 and 394. I make jail visits and can work with out of state clients via phone, fax and email. Contact my Minneapolis drunk driving defense law office to schedule an appointment.

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