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For more than 20 years, I have served the criminal defense legal needs of clients throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. At my firm, Delmore Law Office, I deliver personalized legal representation during what can often be one of the most stressful times of your life.
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Traffic Defense Overview
Put two decades of traffic defense experience in your corner.

Traffic Violations
Traffic violations can be dealt with effectively. Contact Delmore Law Office to learn how.

Commercial Driving Violations
When your livelihood is at stake, you need Delmore Law Office on your side.

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Experienced Legal Judgment In Traffic And Criminal Defense Cases

My firm focuses on representing people facing traffic violations. Clients include commercial drivers whose livelihoods are on the line as the result of a driving violation.

To help you best, I will work with you directly. I will not hand you off to an assistant or to an attorney in training you have never met.

I will provide you with the benefit of my seasoned legal judgment myself. That judgment means I understand how your criminal defense case will most likely be viewed by a judge or prosecutor. It also means I can help you protect your rights even when your situation might involve unusual circumstances.

By working with you personally, I will learn the facts that make your case different from anyone else’s. I will draw on those details to craft a legal solution tailored to your specific legal needs.

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Particularly if you are facing a traffic violation, you should give me a call. Let me help you see what I can do for you.

A traffic violation on your record is no small matter and neither is losing your license, particularly if you are facing a commercial driver’s license (CDL) violation. Rather than letting a traffic violation affect your life, I will help you determine your options and then choose from those options wisely.

You can reach me by calling 612-419-3145 . You can also contact me online to make your appointment.